Top Android Updates Of This Week

Many Android apps got their latest updates this week and now it is your duty to update those apps on your phones and tablets. It is recommended to select “auto-update” feature that you can do from the settings menu of Google Play Store. If you are worried about these updates using your data plan, then you can turn off the data plan usage on app update. Let’s talk about these apps and their new features.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a well known app developed by Microsoft. This is one of the three Microsoft products that allow users to work on office files. Last week Microsoft PowerPoint got its latest updates and some of the new features are auto save, detailed history and camera feature. Now users can inset images to their presentations directly from the Microsoft PowerPoint mobile app instead of using the native camera app and gallery app.

Detailed history feature could be used to restore the document to any previous version of the document. This is a useful feature that ensures users don’t lose valuable files accidently. The auto save feature automatically saves the file you are working on and you can turn this feature off from the settings menu.



Hangouts from Google is native messaging app on Android devices and Google has been working on its separate messaging app named Messenger for quite some time but Hangouts is popular because combines the features of a messaging app with Google’s IM service earlier known as Google Talk. The latest version of Hangouts comes with some bug fixes and new features.

Now users can send video messages for up to one minute. Hangouts app now supports Google for Work via Mobile Management. Make sure you update Hangouts on all of your Android devices to get these new features.

Microsoft Excel

Like PowerPoint, the company also has updated Microsoft Excel app on Android devices. This app is one of the most popular spreadsheet apps on Android phones and tablets. Although there are many other office apps which have been available for Android devices for years and comparatively Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft apps for Android devices are no more than 2-3 years old, but Microsoft Excel still has a strong user base.

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 The latest version of Microsoft Excel comes with some new features like auto save, detailed history and fill handles. Auto save feature is self explanatory and you can turn this off from the settings menu. Detailed version feature allows users to go back to a previous version of the document while fill handles feature allows users to fill a range of cells.


WhatsApp does not need an introduction as it has millions of users all over the globe. The latest version of WhatsApp comes with new features like support for PDF files while sending and receiving, PDF viewer and cleared message feature with better functions. You can download WhatsApp from Google Play Store for free and use it for free for the first year. After that, it is $1 per year that seems like a great deal considering its benefits.

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