Top Apple Watch Apps

Apple launched Apple Watch few months ago and unfortunately this gadget didn’t as much popularity as the company was hoping but now it is getting traction. Following are top Apple Watch apps that you can install from iTunes.

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ProCamera for Apple Watch is a camera remote control app that allows users to capture images using their iPhone. The latest version of ProCamera is available for $5 and it has many advanced features and camera settings that you can change directly from your watch. You can see captured images, set a delayed capture, change the mode and format of the picture according to your preferences.


Of course Twitter app for Apple Watch is available for free and it works flawlessly. Now you don’t have to take out your phone from pocket to see notifications and tweets on Twitter app. From Apple Watch Twitter app you can read tweets and even re-tweet directly from the watch. The latest version of Twitter app has favorite feature that has made things easier for Twitter users.

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Dark Sky

Apple Watch has built-in weather app that does the trick but if you want something more advanced and detailed then Dark Sky is the answer. The best thing about Dark Sky is its interface that is feature rich and detail oriented. Among other things, Dark Sky is known to present accurate weather forecasts so you can plan your day beforehand. Dark Sky app for Apple Watch is available for $4 and you can download it from iTunes.


Shazam is a must-have app for music lovers as it allows users to recognize any song just by playing it while running Shazam app on their iPhone. Now you don’t have to take out your phone from pocket because Shazam app for Apple Watch does the same work. When you hear a great song that you don’t aware of, don’t waste time on your iPhone but instead open Shazam app on Apple Watch and you are good to go. Shazam app is available for free.

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iTranslate is one of the most popular and widely used translation apps on iOS devices and its Apple Watch app is equally famous among millions of global users. Amazingly this app supports 90 different languages. You can download iTranslate app on Apple Watch for free and there are some IAPs to unlock advanced features. Of course iTranslate is a valuable app for frequent travelers.


Although Uber app for iPhone has made things easy for millions of users who use Uber services but Uber app for Apple Watch is something extraordinary as it has made things extremely convenient. You can see ETA directly on your Apple Watch, call Uber and perform other tasks on the app directly from watch without taking out your iPhone. Uber app for Apple Watch is available for free.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a popular app on iTunes and its Apple Watch version has been downloaded thousands of time. Pocket Yoga on Apple Watch shows different poses and information regarding yoga. You can download this app for $3 from iTunes.

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