Top Apps Of This Week

Here we are again, with another list of top apps of this week for your Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Most of these apps are available for free so you don’t have to worry about wasting money if you don’t like them. For your convenience, here is brief introduction of these apps and their features.

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Chromer is a newly released Android app that you can download from Google Play Store for free and it does support a wide range of devices. Chromer as the name suggests, is something like Google Chrome browser but instead of being a full browser with all the features it is a cut down version. You can use Chromer to open links within other apps without leaving that app. Other than being portable, Chromer is also a lot faster than a full browser and you can also open multiple links at the same time.


AutoMate is an Android app that is specifically designed and developed for users who want to or need to use their Android phone while driving. Earlier this app was available as Beta version but now the full version is available on Google Play Store. The free version comes with basic features while the premium version costs $3 and has all the advanced features you want to see. You can read messages, maps, events and other things hands free while driving. The premium version also comes with gesture controls, traffic camera alerts and many other amazing features.

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Enso Music

Enso Music is a recently released iOS app that you can install from iTunes for free. Currently it supports iPhone but the company has plans to launch it on other devices as well. Enso Music is built for music lovers who want to discover new genres and music without downloading the full song. This app plays clips of different songs and users can either swipe right (if they like it) and left (if they don’t like it) to give feedback. Later they can access all ‘liked’ songs. Amazingly, Enso Music learns about users’ preferences automatically by analyzing their choices.

Don’t Screw Up

Don’t Screw Up is an Android puzzle game that is not so different than most of the other games in term of gameplay but it is one of the few games rated Mature 17+ on the app store, Of course a puzzle game with such rating looks kind of weird; Don’t Screw Up is a pretty abusive game that insults people verbally if they complete a stage and insults them even more if they fail. You can download Don’t Screw Up from Google Play Store for free and it has IAPs to unlock other features.

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Playcast as the name suggests is a casting media app and service that is recently released for Windows Phone devices. Users can use Playcast to cast videos, audios and even images to numerous supported devices including Smart TVs, Xbox, Apple TV, ChromeCast and many others. This app is available for $4.5 on Microsoft Store.

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