Top Apps Of This Week

Many new Android and iOS apps have been released this week and some of those are even available for free on the relevant app stores. For your convenience, here is brief introduction of these apps and their features.


Gboard is a newly released keyboard which is available for iOS devices and compatible with iPad, iPod and iPhone. The name “Gboard” is actually the combination of Google and Keyboard. Gboard looks like a typical keyboard app at first glance but there is a dedicated button for Google that makes all the difference. This button allows users to instantly search anything on the keyboard itself without opening another app.

Gboard is specifically designed and built for people who continuously search for GIFs, locations and businesses while texting or sending emails. Gboard is available for free on iTunes.


The Roll

The Roll is designed to organize your photos based on their contents instead of location or time. You can download The Roll for free from iTunes and it is compatible with all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod. The Roll is powered by a strong algorithm that can differentiate between cats, people, flowers and other things. This way The Roll can help you categorize every photo based on its contents. For example, you can put all cat images separately.


This app might have a funny or unusual name but it has some serious features that could help you in your day to day work. iAnnoteta allows users to edit PDF files, do annotation and organizing. You can download iAnnoteta for $10 from iTunes. Although this price might seem a little high but considering the sleek user interface and powerful features of this app, it’s a good deal.

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Dark Sky

Dark Sky is not a new name per say as this is one of the most popular weather app available for iOS devices and now the company has released this app for Android devices too. Dark Sky is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 or above. Although there are tons of other weather apps available for both Android and iOS platforms but what makes Dark Sky unique and better than most of them is its accuracy.

Dark Sky has a reputation of showing accurate weather report, accurate forecasts and most importantly it allows users to send latest weather reports of a particular area to update the information. Although you can download Dark Sky app for free from Google Play Store but you also needs $3 per year subscription to get weather alerts and some other advanced features.

Bad Translator

Bad Translator does exactly what its name suggests. Have you ever converted an article in some foreign language to English using translators like Google Translate? Did that read right to you? Of course these translators do amazing job but they are not 100% accurate and they make funny mistakes that you probably don’t know because you don’t understand that foreign language. Bad Translator allows you to enter a text of your choice, convert it to a language and then translate it back to English so you can have some fun. Bad Translator is available for free for Android devices.

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