Top Productivity Apps

Of course smartphones and other smart devices like tablets and mart watches have become a vital part of our daily life. Some of the apps bring joy in our life; some are for social purposes while some increase our productivity. Let’s talk about top productivity apps.

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Microsoft Office

This is not a single app but a combination of three which are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All of these apps are available for Android and iOS devices and support a wide range of phones and tablets. If you do office work on your mobile sometimes then these are must-have apps for you. The Free versions of these apps come with all the basic features you need to read and edit office files but for more advanced features you need to have Office 365 subscription.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the ultimate solution for all of your storage needs. You can install Google Drive on your iOS and Android devices, on your desktop computer, on your laptop and use the same account on all of those devices for auto sync feature. Of course you can transfer all kind of files like documents, PDFs, videos files, audios, photos and others via Google Drive. The efficient file sharing features of Google Drive make it one of the best cloud storage options available in the market right now.

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Outlook is another awesome app by Microsoft that is available for iOS and Android devices. Just like the desktop version of Outlook, the mobile version also comes with similar features. It brings your email, contacts and calendar to a single app where you can reach required information easily. If you are using an Android device with a Gmail account then the native Gmail app may work fine for you but if you want to add multiple accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud then Outlook is the answer.


Feedly is exclusively designed and developed for people who love reading on their phones and tablets. Users can either select news sources from the list Feedly provides or they can add their own custom RSS feeds in the app to get latest updates and news. Feedly if available for Android and iOS devices and you can get it for free from relevant app stores. The best thing about Feedly is its offline feature that allows users to save any article when online and read it when offline.

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Trello is a popular website and service that allows teams to collaborate on even multiple projects at the same without creating a mess. The idea of Trello is based on bulletin boards where you can post tasks and assign them to team members. Now you can use Trello on your iOS and Android devices too; because of the design and layout, Trello works better on devices with larger screens like Android tablets and iPad. You can post tasks, pictures, ideas and even notes to share them with your team members. Trello is available for free on both Android and iOS device and it supports a wide range of devices.

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