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Mobile apps are not just about playing addictive games and being a part of social media, but there are tons of amazing apps that can help you improve your workflow and increase your day to day productivity. Let’s take a closer look into the top productivity apps.


Asana is a world famous productivity website that is specifically designed to help teams and team member collaborate on projects and keep a complete track of their activities, tasks and other events. Asana website and mobile app can handle workflow and tasks; usually tasks refer to something that should be done by a specific person or team. So, the administrator or manager creates a task with necessary description and assigns it to the relevant person.

That person can see the assigned tasks to him/her, completes it and marks it as “completed”. On the other hand, workflow is a little bit tricky business where multiple people have to work on a single task (usually in a specific order) and that’s the beauty of Asana that does it perfectly. Asana mobile app is available for all major mobile operating systems including Android and iOS.

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Slack has been around us for years and it got global popularity at a slow pace but the majority of people who uses it, also likes it. The best thing about Slack is its ability to integrate tons of other services to give users more power over the workflow. Unfortunately, Slack is considered an IM website, app and service but in reality it is much more than that. You can customize Slack website and mobile app according to your preferences.


In the last couple of years, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as professional networking websites like LinkedIn have proved themselves valuable to businesses and nowadays it is almost impossible for companies to reach their target audience and keep their relationships alive with existing customers without using social media. Unfortunately, handling multiple social media accounts is not as easy as it may seem.

HootSuite is a website and mobile app that is built to help businesses handle their social media presence without creating a mess. Interestingly, HootSuite also comes with analytical tools so companies can keep a keen eye on the performance of their marketing efforts on social media. With HootSuite, administrators can schedule posts, respond to people easily and handle multiple accounts from a single user interface.

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Trello is also a workflow management website, app and service that is known for its easy to use interface. Unlike Asana, Trello comes with limited features that make it an easier and cleaner option for small teams working on smaller projects. The best thing about Trello is its boards and cards; administrators can set the user permissions and privileges to give them more control over the processes. You can create a free account on Trello and start using the service today. Their mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices for free on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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