TrueCaller is an amazingly useful Android app that should be installed on every phone so users can get rid of annoying calls from marketers, spammers and people they don’t want to talk to. This app simply shows the identity of the caller even if that number is not saved in your contacts. Right now TrueCaller have millions of users all over the globe and an impressively high rating on the app store.

Not only Android but TrueCaller is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. There might be some user interface differences among different versions but the basic idea is the same. Unlike most of the other similar apps, TrueCaller does not confuse users with lots of features but it sticks to simple and sleek user interface and features. In order to get information in real time from the internet, it needs Wi-Fi or mobile data availability.

TrueCaller is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 and above, as well as with all iOS devices running iOS 7 or above. After downloading the app from relevant app store you can activate your account using Google Account or Facebook account. The activation process is straightforward. As the name suggests, this app shows true identity of spammer and marketers. Not only that but you can block unwanted calls with a single tap. You can decide whether you want to be notified about those rejected calls or not.

Considering the nature of this app, sometimes it may show inaccurate information about the caller but this happens rarely. Unfortunately TrueCaller is an ad supported app and you would see annoying ads on the screen every now and then. There are some privacy concerns about TrueCaller app in the community. Before you install and start using this app on your phone, it is better to understand its working and how it gets all the information. TrueCaller is a crowd sourcing app that means it gathers data from its users.

When you download and activate the app on your phone, you agree with their terms and policies where you agree to share all the contacts saved on your device with TrueCaller. The app sends that data to the server where it is compared with data gathered from other people’s phones and that’s how TrueCaller gets its huge database. However, after using the app it you are not satisfied with its performance or features, you can move out of the system by a simple process.

All you have to do it visit their official website and fill a form about un-listing your contact from their database. The company would remove your details from their directory but in order to do so you need to deactivate your TrueCaller account and delete the app from your phone. In other words, you can’t use TrueCaller app to identify other people’s caller ID without sharing your own information with the TrueCaller servers.

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