Everyone in this world loves music at one point or another and thanks to the technology we can listen to our favorite music anytime we want.

There are many music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora Internet Radio and Apple Music out there. And music streaming has become a billion dollar industry.

However when it comes to videos, there is lot of room for improvement.

Tubidy is a relatively newer but amazing website and service that allows users to listen to their favorite music and watch their favorite videos.


Although you can access the huge collection of music on Tubidy.mobi via your computer but that’s not Tubidy.mobi is designed for. This particular website and service is specifically designed to work on mobile devices like your phone and tablet so you can download MP3 songs on your phone without being dependent upon your computer or laptop. Interestingly Tubidy updates its collection frequently so you can even access latest songs directly on your phone or tablet.

What Tubidy actually is?

Tubidy is a video search website and service that serves thousands of songs and videos to its users all over the globe. Users can upload and share their videos using Tubidy website and whenever someone searches for a video, the website searches it through its indexes and streams it.


So, what’s new in Tubidy ?

You are probably wondering what’s new in Tubidy as many other websites and services do the same. The interesting part is its servers which do all the heavy lifting for you. Those servers not only stream video contents but actually transcode those videos according to your device before streaming. It means regardless of what phone you have and what is the format and encoding of a video uploaded by a user, servers transcode it for your phone in real time before stream it to you.

Of course it doesn’t need any interaction from your end; all you have to do is visit Tubidy, search for the video you want to watch on the phone and enjoy it. As mentioned above, Tubidy is specifically designed for mobile users and it is exclusively made for only “watch or listen-only” purpose. That means you cannot download videos on your phone but you can watch them.


Additionally if you are a music lover who is looking for lossless music with 320 kbps or something like that quality then Tubidy is definitely not for you as those servers optimize the audio quality before streaming it in order to deliver the highest possible performance even on slower internet connection. So, if you are using data plan then don’t worry because Tubidy.mobi optimize both audio and video according to your device.

Tubidy.mobi is available for free and you can watch as many videos as you want. Obviously you have to bear data plan charges it you are using mobile internet. People with BlackBerry device may encounter some issues while watching larger videos. It is because the native browser on BlackBerry devices causes such problems and using media-net browser can do the trick for you.

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