Uber was founded in San Francisco in 2009 and the service got overnight popularity all over the USA. It is a pickup service that allows private drivers to use their car as a taxi in free time. The app is integrated with Google Maps and that’s how it helps passengers and drivers. Uber mobile app is available for all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS and others. You can get the app from relevant app stores for free.


The same app could be used to get a ride and drivers also use that app to show when they are available. Unlike other similar services, Uber is different because it helps passengers pay for the distance they travel to and helps drivers choose whatever time they are available. Also, the service has integrated payment option that means there is no cash involved. Passengers can simply get in the car, arrive at their destination and leave the car. The driver would be paid by the app.

Currently Uber app and service are available in 53 countries and you have to check whether the service is available in a particular city or not. For example, in UK Uber is only available in London, Manchester and Leeds. Getting a cheap cab via Uber app is very easy. First you need to download and install the app from relevant app store and this process takes few minutes. After installing the app and creating an account there, you can simply set a pick up location and request a ride.

The nearest driver would be notified and he can accept or reject the request. If the driver rejects the request, another driver would be notified. If the driver accepts the request, he would be notified about the pickup location. On the other hand, passenger can add his destination location and get a quote. The estimated fare is a guess based on the starting and ending point yet it could be slightly different than the actual fare.

Based on the drivers’ location and traffic situation, it usually takes few minutes and your ride would be there. At your destination, the app would automatically deduct the fare from your account and you can add tip if you are happy with the service. Now Uber has added another feature in its app to split the fare. For example if you are traveling with 2 of your friends and want to split the fare then simply add two passengers in the app and it would handle things on its own.


You can share your ETA with your friends via text message within the Uber app. Interestingly, Uber is working on cars without drivers and this technology would revolutionize the industry. Soon the company would start trials in the city of Pittsburgh and if it has potential, they would expand the territory. Currently, the company has plans to use drivers as well so they can override the control in case of a problem. However, Uber is getting traction in media because of its bold moves.

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