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Uber is an amazing private car/taxi service that started few years ago and it became popular overnight. The service has made traveling extremely convenience where you can call a private taxi using your mobile device and the nearest driver would approach you in minutes. Interestingly, the idea behind Uber is so easy to understand that everyone can use the app and service.

In order to start using the Uber service, you need to download the official app on your mobile device. Uber mobile app is available for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Windows Phone, Android and others. After downloading the app you need to create an account and enter required information. After that you can start using the service; all you have to do is press the button and send a signal that you need a ride. The nearest car would be notified and you will get a private taxi on your doorstep in few minutes.

As your credit card information is already in the app, you don’t have to pay the driver as the payment would be made automatically. You can add a tip too if you want. The purpose of this automatic payment is to ensure passenger approaches his destination and leave the car without worrying about paying for the ride. Your phone’s GPS would automatically tell Uber where you are and that’s how the driver would approach you.

In case you don’t have installed their mobile app or you don’t have your phone on you at that moment, you can still visit their website on a mobile device and type your address manually. As you can anticipate, the GPS enabled phone and mobile app installed on that phone make the process a lot easier and faster. Once you send the signal to pick you up, Uber would notify you how long you have to wait for the car.

The estimated time could vary a little depending on some unforeseen circumstances but most of the time that estimate comes in handy. When your ride arrives, you would be notified via text message. The latest version of Uber mobile app has a useful feature of splitting the fare with other people. For example if you are sharing the ride with 2 other people and want to split the fare then you can do it using the Uber app itself. All of the people sharing the fare must have installed Uber app on their mobile devices to make payments.

The company puts lots of efforts into improving their services and everyone is encouraged to leave detailed feedback and review regarding the service itself as well as the driver. Uber service is available in more than 200 cities globally and you can check their official website to see whether it has arrived in your city or not. Based on your current location, destination, time of travel and traffic, Uber can give you an estimated quote of how much it would cost you to use Uber service for that travel. For the convenience this information is shown before you call a car.

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