Vine is a well known app and service that has millions of users all across the world. It is a video sharing social network that is based on a unique idea. Unlike YouTube, Vine allows users to create and share only 6-second videos with their friends and other people. Many people call Vine a video version of Instagram because both of these apps have some common features. However the latest version of Instagram also comes with video shooting and sharing feature that might hurt Vine in the future.

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On the other hand, Vine also has made many changes to its older version and the latest version of this app comes with many new features. Now users can browse and share their videos to more channels. Some of the popular channels are comedy, cats and experimental. Now Vine allows users to watch videos from other users who are popular on the network, it also allows discovering new users who just have started sharing their videos and getting popularity.

As Vine has Twitter like feature that allows users to follow other users, now you can share your video with all of your followers easily. Although Vine still lacks some shooting features but the latest version comes with some functions like focus and grid. You can now allow specific people to watch and follow your posts and account. Users now can share their Vine videos via Twitter but contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the first time videos come to the Twitter.

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People have been sharing their videos on Twitter via YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo for quite some time and now the integration of Vine with Twitter can help fulfilling the craze of animated GIFs. Of course Vine videos are not GIFs but interestingly like GIFs they loop without stopping. This app is available for many mobile platforms including iOS and android however it is only optimized for the iPhone and on iPad you need to either use a smaller window or zoom it.

Vine app is compatible with iOS 5.0 and later, and on iOS 8.0 and above it also asks for permission to access notifications. Vine has been acquired by Twitter and now users can either use their Twitter account on this app or they can create a separate Vine account from the app itself. The good thing about Vine is it has made easier for users to shot videos and share their creations on social network. Users can instantly create new videos and share them with their friends via Vine network as well as via other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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Although many people like Vine app for its simple and straightforward interface but many people feel the lack of some basic features. For example you cannot import your existing videos from your phone gallery and share that video on Vine network. The video has to be originally created with Vine app itself. Other than that, Vine app also does not have video filters or editing tools that also means the video must be original without applying effects, styles and filters.

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