VLC is the most popular media player on desktop computers and laptops; it is available for almost all major desktop operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This amazingly powerful media player is now available on mobile devices and operating systems too. You can download VLC for Android and VLC for iOS on your phones and tablets from relevant app stores like Google Play Store and iTunes. VLC on Android allows users to create playlists, listen to their favorite audio and video songs and use equalizer like a pro.

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Like the desktop version of VLC, the mobile version also comes with a wide range of audio and video format support as well as with different inputs like network streams. It means you can stream audio and video contents on your mobile device using VLC. One of the best things about VLC is its forums and support, and from there you can search anything you want. As you know VLC is an open source project and developers all over the globe work on that and try to make it even better.

Although it comes with almost every feature someone’s could think of, but if you realize a feature is missing then you can send a request to developers via community and forums. This particular media player has more features than any other media player available for desktop platforms as well as on Android and iOS. Not only free media players but it is better than premium level media players when it comes to features. When you run VLC on Android or iOS for the first time, it shows useful tips and guides to help you start using it.

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It describes how you can use the touch controls to change volume, brightness, seek bar and other features. Of course VLC is a great media player but unfortunately it is not for those people who want minimalistic design and basic controls. According to experts, if you are looking for just basic features and options then the native media player on your device can deliver that but if you are after sometime powerful and feature-rich then VLC on Android and iOS can do the trick.

As mentioned above, VLC on Android can stream contents but it is not a streaming service like Netflix or Pandora Internet Radio. That means you need your own contents to stream, you need to put those contents on another computer and then you can stream those audio and video files via VLC. The latest version of VLC on Android and iOS allows users to stream contents directly from Dropbox and Google Drive.

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This is a great feature for people who don’t have enough storage on their device and they can use cloud storage. There are many reasons and features that make VLC one of the most popular and most downloaded media player app on Google Play Store and iTunes; it is free, it is feature-rich, it has gesture controls that work great, it has streaming feature and more importantly it is responsive and speedy.

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