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Vuze Remote is an app available for mobile devices that allows users to control their torrent client and software running on a desktop computer or laptop from a smartphone. Currently Vuze Remote app is only available for Android devices but users can access the same features via the web URL on other mobile platforms. Vuze is one of the most popular torrent clients available for desktop computers and it is well known for its easy to use interface, sleek design and lots of features.

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With the help of Vuze Remote app you can access basic features of the Vuze desktop client on your smartphones and can control downloading. Vuze Remote allows users to add new torrents via torrent files and URLs. Users can also delete existing torrents as well as delete the original data files from the desktop computer remotely. The latest version of Vuze Remote app for Android devices allows users to set the upload and download speed limit for maximum efficiency and performance.

Vuze Remote app works on LANs as well as over the internet so you can control your torrent downloading on Vuze desktop client via internet from anywhere you want. The same functionality is also available in Vuze Remote Toolbar that is available for all modern browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

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How to connect Vuze Remote app with Vuze desktop client?

In order to connect your Vuze Remote app on Android device with the Vuze desktop client you must have the latest version of both app and software. You must configure the Vuze Remote app first time of connectivity and after that the app will work fine. Open Vuze desktop client on your computer and click on tools >> remote pairing. You’ll see a security code written on the left side and a QR code on the right side of the window. If you have a QR scanner app installed on your Android device, then simply scan that QR code and it will be added automatically.

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If you don’t have a QR scanning app then you have to enter that security code manually in the Vuze Remote app. Open Vuze Remote app on your Android device and it will ask you to enter the security code. Enter that security code and tap on Connect button to connect the Vuze Remote app with Vuze desktop client. Depending on your network settings, you might see a warning “Vuze isn’t accessible outside of your local network”. If you see this message then you have to change your network settings regarding NAT from your router’s configuration page.

Even if you see this warning, you still be able to use Vuze Remote app if both of the devices are on the same network. Because of security reasons, you can also create a new code if you want. For this purpose click on the “Get a new code button” and the desktop client will create a new random security code for you. Amazingly you can add multiple Vuze desktop clients at the same time in a single Vuze Remote app on your Android device.

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