WeChat is a well known messaging app which is direct competitor of WhatsApp. WeChat has millions of users worldwide and this app is mainly popular in Asia because of its powerful marketing strategies in that region. WeChat was developed by a Chinese company few years ago and its majority of users are from Japan and India. The best thing about WeChat is it’s easy to use design and interface that anyone can use even after running the app for the first time.

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Interestingly, WeChat is one of the most downloaded communication apps in many countries including Mexico, UAE, India, Malaysia and Philippines. Although WeChat is popular globally, it does not have any unique feature or service but instead the developing team focused their efforts on improving existing things. WeChat runs better and offers better features than any other messaging app available today.

Currently it is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and the app does work great on phones and tablets both. The main features of WeChat app are audio messages, live conversations, group chats and integration with your social accounts. The audio messages feature allows users to record and send audio files to their WeChat friends. You can either record the audio with another app or you can do that within the WeChat app itself.

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Liver conversation is quite an interesting feature that is similar to walkie talkie. The functionality of this feature is debatable but it works fine even on slower internet connections. Group chat allows users to chat with multiple people at the same time. This feature is for group of friends or even for people sharing information with each other in real time. Users can send free text messages as well as picture messages to their WeChat friends. They can make free audio and video calls too. The latest version of WeChat on iOS and Android devices comes with many additional features like location sharing, contact sharing, games and even photo sharing feature.

As mentioned above, the social integration of WeChat with Facebook and Twitter is made possible by a separate feature named Moments. WeChat is a totally free app and service however there are IAPs to unlock stickers and games. Many people compare WeChat with other popular messaging services like Viber and WhatsApp they have their differences. For example, WeChat offers voice calls, Moments and games which are not available in WhatsApp. On the other hand, Viber does offer voice calls but it is still working on video call functionality.

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One of the best things about WeChat is its easy signup process that allows users to use their phone number as their user name. This is the same feature that WhatsApp uses. Users can either enter phone numbers of their friends manually or they can simply import contacts from the device. However the location sharing feature is not a security feature but it could be used to send your exact geographical location when needed. Now you can see who is using WeChat in your nearby area and you can send friend request.

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