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WhatsApp Messenger has been around us for years and it does have more than half billion global users who rely on its services to communicate with their friends and family. WhatsApp Messenger got overnight popularity after its initial release but after Facebook bought it for $19B few years ago, we have seen tremendous improvements in its features, overall look and service. Let’s talk about its old and new features in details and how you can use it as a primary communication channel.

WhatsApp Messenger allows users to make audio and video calls. The video calling feature has been introduced feature months ago and because of this feature, WhatsApp Messenger has joined the competition with other VOIP services like Skype. Although its video calling feature is not as good as Skype but considering it is relatively newer, we are expected to see major improvements in the near future.

For example, Skype video calling features optimizes quality and performance based on different things including device itself and network connection. This particular feature is so efficiently built that is automatically adjusts the performance and connect calls even on slow networks. WhatsApp Messenger has been working on it for quite some time. However, comparing WhatsApp Messenger with Skype on the basis of a single feature alone is not a fair comparison. Both of these services have different markets and different customer base.

Although they might overlap in some areas but the majority of users have been using both apps and services regardless of the new features. WhatsApp Messenger has been positioning itself as a social media app and they introduced a new feature called “Status” few days ago. Basically, they discontinued the previous status feature that allowed users to set a text as a status, just like Skype. And the new status feature allows users to use a picture or even a video as their status.

Not only that but users can set multiple videos and images as their status and each of the status gets automatically removed after 24 hours. In other words, you have to continuously engage with the app and service to be active on it. You can use WhatsApp Messenger on your laptop or desktop PC as well by an innovative solution. All you need a compatible browser like Google Chrome and internet access on the laptop as well as the phone.

This feature is called “WhatsApp Web”. Unlike what the name suggests, you won’t be using WhatsApp Messenger on the laptop but you would be diverting the messages, pictures and videos coming to your phone to the laptop. And the same goes for sending messages and pictures. You can use the browser and WhatsApp Messenger on phone simultaneously.

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