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In last couple of years, e-commerce industry has seen tremendous boom. Although some companies like Amazon and eBay hold a large market share but new names are gradually getting their hands on the pie. Wish – Shopping Made Fun is such app, service and website. Although you can use their website too but the majority of their users prefers mobile app because of its aesthetic appeal and the overall good user experience.

Currently, Wish – Shopping Made Fun has around 200 million global users and of course this number is going up and up each day. The company claims to offer many products at significantly lower rate than the local markets. It is the most popular online shopping mall in Europe and USA where users can buy almost everything related to fashion, electronics and many other categories. Industry experts have already started comparing Wish – Shopping Made Fun with Amazon which is a compliment on its own.

The easy to use interface allows users to navigate through categories to find their favorite items if they don’t know how to search for an item via search bar. The advance refine search features allows visitors to find the exact type of product they want by setting parameters like size, colors etc. Also, users can leave a review and other users can sort products based on their reviews. This is a good way to get quality products easily. One of the best features of Wish – Shopping Made Fun is Deal Dash.

Deal Dash refers to discount offered on some products every day. Yeah, that’s right; the online store offers discount daily and this discount is not limited to a single product but a certain number of products. You can check the Deal Dash section everyday and see if any of the discounted products are already in your wish list. The story doesn’t end there; along Deal Dash, Wish – Shopping Made Fun also has Hourly Deals where the online store offers two products on a discounted price every hour.

Considering there are millions of products there with millions of users’ reviews, it is pretty easy to find whatever you want to buy and compare similar items based on their features as well as reviews. Wish – Shopping Made Fun mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. You must have Android 4.1 or later version on Android phone or tablet. Similarly, you must have iOS 7 or above on your iOS device to run the app. The app is available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes.

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