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With the rise of music streaming industry, new players are also joining the arena. Currently, Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify are considered the most popular music streaming apps and services with their millions of users all over the globe. And now YouTube has released its music service named YouTube Music. This new service is different than YouTube Red and you don’t need a subscription for YouTube Red to start using YouTube Music.

YouTube Music app is available for Android and iOS devices on relevant app stores. Although it seems YouTube Music is a counterproductive app considering Google Play Music is also there but after using both apps for a while, you would understand how YouTube Music is different than rest of the steaming services. YouTube Music is specifically designed and launched for people who use YouTube for music listening. With the help of YouTube Music, those millions of people can discover music more easily.

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The best thing about YouTube Music is its integration with powerful search features while are under the umbrella of Google. Unlike many other streaming services, YouTube Music provides the fast way to discover new music and listen to the songs you like. When you run YouTube Music app, on the main screen there is a section called “my station” where the app automatically plays songs based on your previous history and songs you liked earlier. Now that’s a big advantage as people would have a long music history.

Like many other music streaming services, YouTube Music creates stations based on artists and genres. YouTube Music app creates different genre based stations based on your history but you can create your own stations if you want. One thing that YouTube Music has got right is many people want to discover music different than their previous choices and listening habits. If you want to listen songs related to your listening habits then you can customize the stations and if you want it to be adventurous, then customize it that way.

Of course there are thumbs up and thumbs down options to express your likes and dislikes. Like other streaming services, YouTube Music analyzes your choices of these feedbacks and based on that recommend more songs. As YouTube is mainly focused on video songs, YouTube Red premium subscribers can switch between video and audio modes according to their choice. If you want to listen to audio songs in the background, YouTube Red app automatically turns off the video to save bandwidth.

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Interestingly, YouTube Red app has offline listening feature too and it is called “Offline Mix” because of a reason; unlike other streaming apps, YouTube Red Offline Mix feature is designed to auto update songs that the app selects on its own. All you can do is decided how much storage space you would allow the app to use locally on your device to store those songs. You can also control whether you want only audio songs or video songs as well. The app automatically updates that collection and you can listen to them when internet is not available.

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