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We all use phone camera every once in a while and some people do that more often. Interestingly, phone cameras can take very beautiful picture but they do not come with lots of controls. That’s why people ditch stock camera apps and they get 3rd party apps from relevant app stores like iTunes and Google Play Store. There are hundreds of such apps available for popular mobile operating systems and there is no easy way to say which one is the best one as they have different features.


Z Camera is a well known 3rd party camera and gallery app available for Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with all Android devices including phones and cameras running Android 4.0 or above and all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS 7 or above. Although both of the versions have some minor differences but most of the things are same. The app is famous for its light weight features, customization, private gallery and some photo editing features. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Z Camera.

It mainly has three camera modes; photo, video and beauty mode. Users can switch these modes with a single swipe just like the stock camera app on iOS devices. The photo mode comes with all the standard features like controlling the flash light, setting a timer, using the front camera or the rear one etc. The video mode also allows switching between both cameras and there is nothing extraordinary here. The beauty mode is specifically designed for taking selfies as it blurs the face a little and beautify the look.

Users can apply real time filters while taking the photo and even with lots of features the interface is pretty simple and you can learn it in few minutes. Just like almost every other modern phone camera, Z Camera also comes with HDR mode so you can take better photos in varying light conditions. The features that distinguish Z Camera from most of the other camera apps are photo editing and private gallery. The photo editing feature is used to beautify the images after capturing them (it is different than applying filters in real time) that means you can edit pictures you didn’t take with Z Camera.


That photo editing section comes with lots of standard features like adjusting exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrance, hue, saturation and many other things. And here comes the best part; private gallery. This feature is specifically designed to help users keep their photos hidden from prying eyes and we all would love such a feature because when we hand over our phones to friends, there is no way to control what they access and what they can’t.

Of course you can install 3rd party apps to lock certain features but it is not like having a private gallery. Even with these amazing features, Z Camera is available for free on iTunes and Google Play Store. The app is ads supported and you can use IAPs to remove the ads.

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